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Using Craigslist As Supplemental Income

What a lot of people don’t know about those who live paycheck to paycheck, is that every single day is stressful.  Not just work stressful, full on “Oh my God what am I going to do?” stressful. Every single day millions of people are trying to figure out how to not spend any money that day so that they will still have a little bit next week.  Some days, those very same people are frantically trying to figure out how to make extra money to get by. I know this struggle all too well. I have lived it, and am living it right now. Supplemental income is a must for most families now, and Craigslist is one way to increase your monthly income. 

Balancing a budget when living paycheck to paycheck takes a lot of attention, discipline, and a lot of patience. And frankly, sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way one thinks it will. On any given day an unexpected expense can pop up. It doesn’t even have to be something very expensive that will throw that budget way off track . There are items that we tend to forget about when budgeting our money like oil for our car or that we ran out of shampoo and razors at the same time. There are times when we can go without things, but sometimes the decision of going without will make our situation worse.

It is at these times that I have to remind myself: “Everything will be okay, you made it through all the other times you were struggling, you will make it through this as well.”  Or you can go with the shortened version: “This too shall pass”. After I have calmed myself down, I begin to get creative. I think about how I can get some extra cash until I figure out what will work for me.

This time, I will be trying to sell some things on Craigslist. I have a few items that I can live without that I think will get me a little extra cash to get me by until the next paycheck. Using Craigslist as supplemental income is pretty simple, it just takes some time and a digital camera or smartphone.

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Selling on Craigslist

Log on to Craigslist and look for your state and the cities that are closest to where you live.

After choosing your location, look at the top left of the page where you will find  My Account.

Enter your Email address under the heading: Create An Account.

A link will be sent to the Email address you entered.

Click on the link that was sent and you will be taken to a form where you can fill in your password.

Click Enter then Continue or Return to your Account. Just click Continue.

Read the Terms and Conditions. At the bottom of the page, you have the choice of I Accept or I Decline. If you decline, stop here.

If you accept, you will be taken to your account page.

Making a New Posting on Craigslist

We will be making a new posting today.At the top right of your account page, you will see new posting in: with a drop down menu of cities/areas to choose from.

Select your area and click Go.

Now you can choose what type of posting you are advertising.

Then you will choose a category within the first category you chose.

Your Posting Page

Now you are ready to design your advertisement. Craigslist gives you the option of having your actual email address encrypted which is highly recommended to prevent spam. To choose this option, leave CL mail relay selected.  You could choose to show your actual email address or choose to have no email responses.

You can enter  your phone number for contact if you wish but it is not required.

I find it easier to organize what I want to convey on paper beforehand so that I know that I have touched all the key points.

You want an advertisement for your product that is going to sell the item. I cannot tell you how many times I am looking at a Craigslist ad that was obviously not thought through by the person posting. This creates a cycle of email, text or phone call tag with the seller trying to find out the information needed to make an educated purchase.

Think about what you are selling and what you would need to know about it if you were the person shopping for this item. If you have trouble with creativity, look the item up online and you will usually find hundreds of descriptions that will help you. Make sure that you are clear about what condition the item is in, where it is located for pick up, and your pricing.

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Adding Pictures

After you have entered your item description, you are taken to a page where you are able to insert pictures of the item. Make sure that your pictures are taken in good lighting, they are not fuzzy, and that they are appropriate for a G-rated audience.  Displaying items helps to sell your items. If you can create a backdrop with a sheet, tablecloth or blanket, do so. It makes your pictures stand out over others that may have the same item.

Take the time to crop your pictures, cutting out any background items that are irrelevant and any unused or empty space in the pictures. Take your time and be patient with your images. Pictures sell your product MUCH more than the actual wording of your advertisement. You can add up to 24 images. Make sure that you have pictures that show all angles of the item you are selling. Again, think about what you would want to look at when purchasing the item you are selling and what pictures would be vital to your decision.


After you are finished with your description of the product and have added all of your images, you can preview the advertisement before publishing. Read the entire ad checking for spelling errors and proofreading mistakes as you go. Sit back and look at your advertisement for a moment. Does it look appealing to you? Would you buy this item from you?

After you have decided the draft looks good, you are ready to publish. Just hit the PUBLISH button and about 15 minutes later you are able to view your ad on Craigslist. Happy Selling!

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them for you. Send me a message at the bottom of this page!

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