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Travel Trailer vs. Apartment Living-Pros and Cons

So you want to live in a travel trailer. Well, there are ups and downs to every style of living. Here I will touch on some of the pros and cons to living in a travel trailer. I guess these would also pertain to living in a Fifth Wheel, a Class A, B, or C, or even any other Recreational Vehicle that you chose to live in. But as I have chosen the travel trailer, I will touch on some of the things that I like about it, and some things that are not so great.

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Great Points to Travel Trailer Living

Cheaper Rent – The typical RV rental spot costs anywhere from $300-$500 per month, usually including full hookups, and recreation of some sort depending on where you are parked. Some campgrounds or parks also include WiFi, and cable as an added bonus. If you get really lucky, the place you are staying may have a pool. Some nicer campgrounds offer  some sort of Recreation Center, maybe a work out room and/or a lounge area.

No noisy neighbors on the other side of the wall – When you own your own travel trailer, you never have to stress about your neighbors being just beyond the thin drywall hearing your every move. Granted, depending on where you park your trailer, you may hear the sound of other happy campers nearby, but for the most part, you are in your own little world. And if the noises outside bother you, simply turn up the TV or Radio and drown them out.

You can design your space – The great thing about travel trailer living is that you get to design your own interior any way that you like. When you rent or lease, rarely are you allowed to decorate using your own style. Most landlords like their walls to be white or cream colored and they do not like holes!  Your travel trailer can be painted any color under the rainbow, and some are all colors of the rainbow! I have found that this is my favorite Pro to travel trailer living.

travel trailer
Great Design Ideas to Get You Started*

No lease agreement/Freedom to move when you want – Unless you buy a year at a resort where you will be staying, you will never have to sign a lease agreement again. You are free to stay as long or as short of a time anywhere you go. This gives you a sense of freedom that allows you to make decisions about where you live based on  how much you like where you are. If you don’t like it, hitch up, and down the road you go. There’s also no requirement for first, last, and security deposit which is wonderful!
You own your own home – Essentially when you live in a travel trailer, you own your own home. A tiny home, on wheels. And anywhere you go is home. I love the feeling that when we move somewhere new, our scenery changes, but our home stays the same.

Some of the downsides

Space restrictions – Living in a tiny home has it’s challenges, one of them being space restrictions. We have found there is just not enough room for all our favorite clothes. I think this is what we struggle with the most. Most other items are easier to part with, you either need it or you don’t. When it comes to the wardrobe, I just have a hard time parting with certain items.

When moving into your trailer, you have to do some serious downsizing. There are some tough decisions to be made as far as what to keep and what to let go of.  This will take some time to accept especially if you live in a large home right now. Take your time, and make sure you make SMART decisions. What you take with you must be only what you need to live your new found lifestyle.

Living in a tiny space with another person is also challenging in the fact that there is no where to go when you need to get away from your spouse. You both share the same living/kitchen/bedroom/hallway space together and you are usually no more than a few feet from each other. It has been said that “Love grows in small spaces” well, so does frustration and annoyance. So take a few extra breaths, count to twenty instead of ten, go for more walks.

You are in charge of maintenance – I’m not just talking about changing the light bulbs here. I’m talking about maintaining your new home. This goes for everything from making sure that the roof isn’t leaking to learning how to maintain your new propane/electric/battery powered appliances. There are good reference materials out there that will help you to learn, but it will take a while to get adjusted to.

*Here are some Manuals by Bob Livingston that I recommend for older Travel Trailers:


RV Repair and Maintenance Manual          RV Repair and Maintenance Manual


Then there’s the poop – What do you do with it? Where do the hoses go? How am I going to clean it without getting sick? You will learn. Hopefully not the hard way if you know what I mean. Personally, I have not had to use this yet. I have been lucky enough to have bath houses wherever we have stayed and we have used them. I do foresee in the near future though, that I will need to learn this aspect of the portable home life because we will not always be as fortunate.


Anywhere that you live, you will always have pros and cons. Living in a Travel Trailer is a personal decision that you have to make for yourself. Is this the kind of life that you want to live? Will it work for you in your personal situation? If you think it will, go for it. I love my Travel Trailer and I think I will stick with this lifestyle for  a while longer, learning little by little every day how to care for my trailer and how to utilize my lack of space more efficiently.

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*If you decide to purchase one of the Manuals I have recommended, I will earn a small commission from the sale. 

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