The First Step

We purchased a truck in July of this year, a 1995 Ford F-150 with a 5.8 liter engine. We wanted to go with something that would be strong enough to pull at least a 26′ trailer behind it. We chose the Ford because they are easy to fix and parts are always available. Even though neither of us are mechanically inclined, a good Chilton’s® Book is detailed enough to take even the novice through routine repairs.

Ford F150

You are probably wondering why we went with a 1995 model of any type of vehicle. Well, this is about living paycheck to paycheck. And unlike most travelers we are not well off or even considered middle class. Many life decisions have led us to where we are, as has happened to many many other people in this world. This is something that we accept, and it will not stop us from achieving our dream of full time RV living.

My credit scores are 518 according to TransUnion® and 617 according to Experian® which are both POOR ratings. Although my credit scores are poor, I am a responsible person of which bad things have happened to. I have never been delinquent on rent, and I do have another vehicle that is paid in full. I carry insurance on my vehicles and pay my monthly bills on time.

Derogatory Remarks are the primary cause of my poor credit rating.  A derogatory mark is essentially a long-lasting negative record on your credit report. These marks hurt your ability to qualify for credit or obtain desirable rates, and can typically take seven to ten years to clear from your credit history. Examples of Derogatory Remarks are: bankruptcy, foreclosure, collections, tax lien, and civil judgments. My derogatory remarks stem from debts that have fallen into collections. These debts are less than $2000.00, yet they have a profound impact on my credit rating. I have two options: pay the debt and ask for the derogatory remarks to be removed from my credit report, or keep my credit positive from here on out and let these remarks fall off on their own seven years from now.

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I will not let my poor credit rating stand in my way of wanting to live a life of freedom and adventure. By continuously focusing on the goal of owning our own mobile home and living wherever we want, we will be able to break free one day.

Stay with me as I lead us down the path to freedom, one very small step at a time.

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