The Fear Of Success and How to Overcome It

Is there such a thing as a fear of success? I mean, why wouldn’t you want to be successful? Why wouldn’t you want your hopes and dreams to come true? Is there something holding you back from becoming successful? And if there is, how do you change that fear into courage?

Fear of Success is Real

Fear of success is a lot like fear of failure. We are so afraid of failing at something that we don’t even try. Or maybe we do try, but when the road gets rough, we give up and tell ourselves it was never going to succeed anyway.

With fear of success, we are afraid that if we are successful our lives will never be the same again and it makes us doubt that we can handle what that success will bring for us. 

Successful people are not afraid of being fortuitous. They want to be extraordinary.  Well, I want to be extraordinary too, I am just afraid of the life change that will take place once I actually do become successful.

And what would that life change look like? Would I be happier? Probably. Would I feel as if I have accomplished something positive? More than likely. Would I want to tell others about it and help them be successful too? Most definitely!

So then, what do I have to fear? I say nothing. It’s all in my head. If you are reading this because you have a fear of success, I am here to tell you it is all in your head too. 

Let’s Ask Ourselves Some Questions


How would my life be different if I felt successful?

Will you have more free time on your hands? Do you think you would smile more often? Are people going to ask you what you are doing to become so successful? Will you want to share your success story with them? Will you help others on the path to success? If you answered yes to all these questions, you want to be successful. 

What obstacles are standing in the way of my success?

Is it time constraints? Are finances holding you back? Is it your fear of change? Maybe it’s your fear of failure. Any reason that you have that is standing in the way of your success is just an excuse your subconscious is giving you to keep you in your comfort zone. Make a list of obstacles and solutions to these and start working through your excuses one by one. 

What exactly does success look like to me?

We all have a different picture of what success looks like to our mind’s eye. The key to making it happen is putting that thought down on paper so that we can actually see it take shape and know exactly what it looks like. While you are brainstorming what success looks like to you, be very careful not to let outside opinions influence your picture of success. Take some time to think about what you really want your life to be like on a day to day basis and then have a brainstorming session to help sort it all out. This may take an hour or it might take a week. However long it takes, you will be glad you took the time to figure out what you want your future to look like. 

Where do I start?

I start all daunting tasks trying to tackle the largest, most annoying task first. But that’s just me. You may choose to tackle all your smaller tasks first. A good guide that I like to use is Rocks, Pebbles, Sand. I make three lists: Rocks are the priority items (or daunting, annoying tasks), Pebbles are the second most important, and Sand are items that you could get someone to help you with or items that you can do in your spare time (they don’t take as much thought). 

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