Starting Out

Starting Point

I am starting this blog to help my husband and I on our personal journey to freedom. Freedom to live where we want and how we want. Freedom to choose the life that we want to live.

Currently, we both work in the hospitality industry. This industry is extremely unrewarding and demeaning to the both of us. Working with the general public on a daily basis has robbed us of our desire to intermingle with people outside of work. We no longer enjoy events, concerts, shopping areas, and even parks on busy days.

Ever since we met we have talked about and dreamed of owning our own travel trailer and living wherever we want with the ability to move whenever we want. Living paycheck to paycheck has hindered our ability to do this. I am writing this blog in hopes that it will help to keep me on track with our dream and help me to take the steps needed to be able to support us on the journey.

I have done a lot of research on how to make money while traveling and the most interesting and seemingly rewarding way is blogging. I hope that one day I will be a successful blogger like so many others that I admire and will be able to leave my immobile home for a much more adventurous life for my husband and I.

I know that we still have a very long road ahead of us, but I also know that if I stay focused on the prize, we can achieve some sort of contentment. Thank you for reading, and I hope that  you will follow as we go through the changes that will lead us to personal freedom. Hopefully you will benefit from my learning experience so that you will be free to live your life the way you want as well.

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