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Saving Money at Safeway® or Albertsons®

Safeway® is my go to grocery store. I love the way the store is laid out. The isles are easy to shop, almost all of their stores are set up the exact same way. I know where to go in Safeway® to find the items I need and I can get in and out quickly.

On July 24,2014, Safeway® merged with Albertsons® which translates to: The same savings are available at both Safeway® or Albertsons®!

Woohoo! Now, that is exciting!

I especially love how easy their specials are to read on the shelves and how their website is constructed to help you save on every shopping trip. The Just For U® section of the website helps me save on the items that I purchase on a regular basis. I can clip coupons on the website and they load directly to my Safeway® Club Card.

How to Sign Up:

  • Go to the Customer Service counter inside your local Safeway® or Albertsons® store and ask for a Club Card Application.

  • Register your card here once you have your new Club Card.  This will allows everyone to add specials and coupons directly from the website on to the card.


How to Load Savings on to your Club Card:

  1. To get started with extra savings, log on to the Safeway® website.

  2. In the top right corner, click on REGISTER NOW to set up your account. Be sure to have your Safeway® Club Card ready because you will be asked for this number to link to your online account.

  3. First, select your favorite Safeway® or Albertsons® store using the store locator. This will ensure that you are viewing the correct Weekly Ad for the store that you shop at the most.

  4. Then, click on the Just for U link that will take you to your Coupons& Deals. If you just got your Club Card, this may not have populated with items you buy because it has nothing to base your buying choices on. If you have used your card every time you shop, though, this page should have many of your favorite items at an even more discounted price than their regular Club Special prices.

  5. Lastly, click “Add to Card” by each item. When you purchase each item, you will get it at the discounted price. As you scroll down the page, Safeway® will also give suggestions and discounted prices on items you may like. You can add these to your card as well.


Print or Email Your List:

  • After adding all of the discounts to your card, you can print or email your list to use as an easy shopping list.

  • Just click on My List under the Menu Bar near the top of the page.

  • This page also shows you your Rewards Summary, which shows you how many points you have towards your next reward, how many 10¢ gas rewards you have, and how many of your rewards are expiring at the end of the month.

  • To learn more about how to earn and use your Rewards Click Here.

  • In addition to Club Card savings, Safeway® does accept Manufacturer’s Coupons, but there are restrictions. For a complete list of their rules, click here.


Add the Safeway® App to Your Smart Phone



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