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Become A Secret Shopper To Earn Extra Income

When I used to work in the Fast Food Industry, we would have a monthly visit from someone referred to as a “Secret Shopper”. 

It was an incentive to encourage the team members to treat every single customer as royalty because you never knew which one was a “Secret Shopper”. 

The shopper would grade their visit on a number of different metrics from how clean the parking lot, lobby, and restrooms were to how well they were treated and the quality of the food. 

Our team would receive a grade from 0-100 much like a report card that let them know how they were doing against these metrics. 

It was fun for the crew because I also as a manager added incentives on to this measurement such as Gift Cards or Movie Tickets to anyone named on the report. 

I always wanted to be a Secret Shopper. 

Now I am.

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Why I Recommend BestMark


  • I had to APPLY for this position. This is how I knew it was a legitimate opportunity. 

  • They pay by the shop and their payments are reliable.

  • Their website is easy to navigate.

  • The shop instructions are clear and precise.

  • They explain exactly what they are looking for in a shop and give you examples of what to say.

  • Payments are processed every other week.

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