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5 Ways To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Living Paycheck to Paycheck is SO stressful! We all want to be able to live the lives we want without worrying about where our next meal is going to come from. Sometimes we don’t even have enough gas to make it to work until the next payday. I have lived this way my entire life, and now I am making changes to improve my future. Searching for ways to make extra income throughout the month that helps alleviate the enormous stress associated with living paycheck to paycheck has been time-consuming and confusing. So I am here to help you find some ways to make extra income that you can start today. Stop living paycheck to paycheck and start thinking about the future. 

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  1. Use Craigslist to make extra income 

    There are items that can be sold on Craigslist somewhere in your home. Just pick an item and do a quick Craigslist search and see what that item is selling for right now. People don’t always want to pay full price for the things that they need, and they will check their local Craigslist to see if they can find it at a discounted price.  
    Maybe you are crafty, or you can revamp older furniture into more modern pieces.  You know that treadmill that is sitting in the corner holding all your jackets and sweaters? That could be extra income for you this month!  Be sure to check out another post by me where I walk you through how  Using Craigslist as Supplemental Income  is relatively easy and anyone with an email address can do it!  Stop living paycheck to paycheck and start making extra income through Craigslist today. 
  2. Save Your Money 

    I know, I know. You are thinking “If I had money to save, I wouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck.” But that is simply not true. There are ways you can save, you just have to want to save money. You just haven’t found your tried and true way of saving.
    Most people put money in their savings accounts and tell themselves, “This is for saving, I will not touch it.” That way of saving has never worked for me. I have to not be able to get the money easily or I will spend it. Visit my post 5 “Outside the Box” Ways To Save Money to discover some different ideas on how to hide money from yourself and start saving for your future today. 
  3. Complete Surveys 

    There are many survey sites out there now and choosing the right ones is the key to making a profit from completing surveys online. I belong to several survey sites and am rewarded for things like taking surveys, watching videos, playing games. Some survey sites pay you via check, and some offer rewards such as gift cards to some of your favorite places. Visit my page, There’s Frugal and There’s Just Plain Broke for some survey companies that you can sign up for today!
  4. Rent “All Utilities Paid” 

    I love renting “All Utilities Paid”. This helps me to not overspend monthly on things that I don’t need. We all need the basics in life: food, water, and shelter. That doesn’t mean that we need to pay an outrageous amount for shelter. If you live in an apartment as I do, look for places that offer to pay all utilities. Usually, this means the landlord will pay the cost of water, sewer, garbage, electric and heat. Some of them even offer WiFi and cable included which is an extra bonus. Remember the things we need in life are different from the things we want in life.
  5. Shop Around For Better Prices

    Almost everything you purchase can be bought at a discounted price elsewhere. This process is time-consuming but well worth the time you invest in it when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Not everything needs to be bought “new”. Think about what other options you have to choose from such as E-bay and Craigslist for items like furniture, appliances, tools, electronics, etc. You can save a lot of money by exploring these other options. 
    Thrift Stores are a great way to save money. I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for an article of clothing  other than underwear, of course. You can buy underwear at Thrift Stores too, I just don’t. Thrift Stores aren’t just all clothes, either. They have movies, books, furniture, home furnishings, office supplies, decorations, the list goes on and on. Stop by that Thrift Store you pass every day on your way to work and check them out! Shopping Thrift also supports families. Most Thrift Stores are individually owned and the money that you spend there will go directly to a family that deserves your money. 
    Garage Sales are another way to shop and save money on items. Garage Sales are fun because you never know what you are going to find. Most people who have garage sales are trying to raise money to pay a bill they can’t afford or save up so that their family can go on a vacation that otherwise they would not be able to afford. That is one reason shopping at Garage Sales is so great. Not only do you find things that you love, but you are also helping families! Stop living paycheck to paycheck and start thrifting to save money! 


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